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Frequently Asked Questions

Project and Application Process

Why do I need to use the Shenkman Arts Centre for funding received through the ARTicipate Project Grant?

The Articipate Endowment Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with the City of Ottawa to support artistic programming in professional spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Each year, the interest earned on the Articipate Endowment Fund is distributed in the form of grants to local artists and arts organizations that will present or exhibit their work in professional spaces at the Centre.

Does my project need to involve a public performance or audiences?

No, eligible projects can include rehearsal, research, and development of artistic works.

How do I confirm a booking or availability of space at the Shenkman Arts Centre? Is there a cost to get a confirmation of booking?

Please contact the Shenkman Arts Centre at 613-580-2424 ext. 15930 to talk with a Booking Agent. They can provide you with details on the spaces, availability and costs not included as in kind contributions. The Booking Agent will provide written booking confirmation in an email. There is no cost associated with this booking. 

How will I know you have received my Project Grant application?

We ask that you submit your application through WeTransfer. You will receive an initial notification that your documents have been sent as soon as you submit, and a subsequent confirmation once the files have been downloaded. If you do not receive this second confirmation in 3 days, please contact us. 

What are the Learning Labs? How do I participate?

Grant recipients will have the option to participate in Learning Labs to discuss their project, expand their network, and exchange resources or learnings with other recipients. The Learning Labs will be hosted by Arts Network Ottawa as a series of Zoom meetings throughout the ARTicipate ’21 season. 
In the application form, we ask applicants to outline questions or topics they would like to address in the Learning Labs to help identify common interests or challenges associated with project delivery. 

Use of Space and Resources at Shenkman Arts Centre

What are the in-kind contributions available from the Shenkman Arts Centre and City of Ottawa if I receive an ARTicipate Grant?

Access to all rooms, spaces, theatres, and equipment within those spaces for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any additional use of space or equipment will be subject to standard rental rates.

What costs are not included as in-kind contributions should be considered in the project application budget?

Personnel costs may include: 

  • Audio/video and lighting technicians in Harold Shenkman Hall and the Richcraft Theatre 
  • Stage Door Attendants 
  • House Managers 

Equipment and other costs may include: 

  • Theatre equipment not listed in our inventory 
  • The cost of tuning the piano (if required)
  • Costs associated with installing a dedicated temporary high-speed internet connection 
  • Insurance and SOCAN Fees 

Additional costs may be considered depending on your project, space, and technical requirements.   

Where can I find out more about the spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre and available equipment?

More information is available on their website or by contacting Booking Agents at: or telephone 613-580-2424 ext. 15930.

I want to livestream my performance. Does the Shenkman Arts Centre have live-streaming equipment?

Yes, the Harold Shenkman Hall and Richcraft Theatre are equipped with live-streaming equipment. This is available as an in-kind contribution at no cost. Please consult the theatre staff to ensure that the costs of the technicians are included in your project budget for use of these spaces.

There may be additional costs if you require a dedicated temporary high-speed internet connection for livestreaming.

What platforms are available for artists to publish and/or live stream their performances?

Artists are required to provide their own streaming platforms (Youtube, social media, etc.) and the Shenkman Arts Centre will share and distribute the performance through its channels.

If my project runs longer than 2 weeks, will I need to pay rental fees?

Yes, the in-kind contributions in the facility are for a maximum of two weeks. A booking beyond two weeks will require extra rental fees.

I have received ARTicipate funding. Am I able to change the dates of my project?

Yes, pending the availability of spaces and approval from Shenkman Arts Centre Booking Agents, project dates will be allowed to change.

Can I bring in my own equipment or do I have to rent equipment from the facility?

You can bring your own equipment. Equipment from the facility is available to ARTicipate projects at no cost, pending availabilities.

I want to host an in-person live event as part of my project with an audience. Given COVID 19, what is possible?

Facility restrictions are subject to change based on COVID-19 and Public Health Advisories.

  • Harold Shenkman Hall is closed to all public presentations
  • Richcraft Theatre is available with limited capacity
  • Other spaces have varied capacity depending on current COVID-19 public Health Advisories.

What is SOCAN and why would I have to pay this fee?

SOCAN services music creators, music publishers and visual artists. It ensures users are licensed to play, and collects/distributes royalties in Canada and worldwide. Please read more about SOCAN here.


What other costs or details should I include in my budget expenses?

  • Artist fees (here are some resources to help you determine the amounts: Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens, Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)
  • Project Costs (E.g., Supplies, materials, access support for disability-related services and supports required to complete the project, equipment, and venue rentals, etc.). This might include additional costs for technicians or resources at the Shenkman Arts Centre.
  • Dissemination and Promotion (E.g., Digital tools and software for project dissemination, design of promotional materials, photo, and video documentation of the project, etc.)
  • Administration (E.g., Insurance, administration personnel for the project, etc.)
  • Access (Public access costs – e.g., Sign language interpretation, captioning, audio description, childcare, translation, etc.)
  • Other costs specific to your project.

What should I include in my budget revenues?

  • The amount you are requesting from this grant
  • If you have other confirmed or anticipated grants/donations, etc.
  • Potential ticket sales

Is it okay if the only source of revenue included in the budget is this grant?


Liability Insurance options: Why do I need this, and who do I talk to?

  • The City of Ottawa requires anyone who uses their facilities to have liability insurance coverage to a minimum limit of $2,000,000, naming the City of Ottawa as an additional insured.
  • What liability insurance does is protect you against claims resulting from injuries and damage to other people or property resulting from your project activities. By naming the City of Ottawa as an additional insured means that they will also benefit from your coverage should there be an incident.
  • The cost of liability insurance can vary, depending on the nature of your activities.
  • The City of Ottawa offers an insurance program to cover projects taking place within their facilities, including the Shenkman Arts Centre. Speak to a booking staff for quotes and information on coverage.
  • You are only required to have an insurance policy if your application is successful. This is an eligible project expense.