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2021 Schedule

The Fund

The Articipate Endowment Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with the City of Ottawa to support artistic programming in professional spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  Arts Network Ottawa is the steward of the Fund and is responsible for its promotion, administration and sustainability.

Each year, the interest earned on the Articipate Endowment Fund is distributed in the form of grants to Resident Arts Partners (Arts Network Ottawa, Gloucester Pottery School, MIFO, Ottawa School of Art – Orléans Campus and Ottawa School of Theatre), and as Articipate Project Grants to local artists and arts organizations that will present or exhibit their work in professional spaces at the Centre.

Project Grant recipients use funding toward rehearsal and production costs, to enhance their creative team, to create original work or to support promotional efforts. Project Grants are determined through a jury process.

The Articipate Endowment Fund is made possible through the generosity of the Province of Ontario, foundations, local businesses and individuals whom we thank for their leadership and gratefully acknowledge on our Donor Wall.

Established in
Given to artists
Projects Funded

Objectives of the Fund


The presentation and exhibition of high quality artistic work at the Shenkman Arts Centre


Collaborative projects involving more than one artist and/or arts organization 


In local Ottawa artists and arts organizations of all levels and disciplines


English, French and bilingual artistic activities at the Centre


Access to Shenkman Arts Centre spaces to non-resident artists and arts organizations


Activities of the Resident Arts Partners of the Shenkman Arts Centre*

Resident Art Partners

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Special thanks to our Jurors

Zoë Argiropulos-Hunter

Veronica Roy

Jordan David

Azarin Sohrabkhani

Brit Johnston

Melanie Yugo

2021 Recipient

Abdul Muse (KAR33M)

The Ara Ilu Showcase

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

The Ara Ilu Showcase is a virtual musical showcase involving five Ottawa artists and one internationally recognized artist. Using music as our primary channel, we hope to promote education about the rich history of the African diaspora, and consequently help eliminate the knowledge gap that instigates anti Black racism. 

2021 Recipient

Aroha Fine Arts

Arohafest 2021

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

Having not missed a beat during the pandemic, ArohaFest - Canada’s only fully bilingual festival celebrating the arts of India in Canada will feature dance, music, visual arts, yoga and Bollywood in the fall of 2021.  

2021 Recipient

Autumn Melody Collective

The Jade Bracelet

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

The Autumn Melody Collective presents The Jade Bracelet: a beloved comic work from the Peking Opera canon, re-imagined in a bilingual version combining English and Mandarin, contemporary references and classical style, rendering it accessible and delightful to Ottawa audiences. 

2021 Recipient

BEING Studio

Video Poetry

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

Video Poetry is a series of video artworks produced by BEING Studio and directed by artists Ada Chan, Jessie Huggett, and Jake Riseborough. The videos will connect writing, visual art, dance, and theater performance to create immersive stories. This project investigates the potential of video to become an alternative exhibition space—an opportunity to recast performance in a digital hybrid world. 

2021 Recipient

Circadia Indigena


Richcraft Theatre & Ottawa Citizen Dance Studio

Project Outline

An innovative production and presentation project integrating outdoor multimedia elements with live contemporary Indigenous performance based in First Nation’s story and history of place. 

2021 Recipient

Luciano Porto Goncalves

River of Cultures

Richcraft Theatre & Agora Minto-Orléans Outdoor Plaza

Project Outline

River of Cultures is an immersive experience of world fusion music, grounded by an inaugural album from Brazilian Canadian musician Luciano Lu, and branching into an educational exploration into the flavourful fusion of cultures behind the songs. The launch project aims at bringing the sounds of “street traditions” directly from the streets of Brazil right into the streets of Canada, through online performances, workshops, cultural stories and chats with the guest artists who contributed their unique styles to this celebration of cultural diversity and expression of multicultural community.

2021 Recipient

Manohar Performing Arts of Canada


Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

Lokamata – an idiom of Woman is a thematic video that explores the attributes of woman through movements, gesticulations and expressions in Indian classical dance genres of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Odissi. The ancient Indian philosophy celebrates women as mothers and goddesses, and the 20th century composer of Lokamata, K. Narayanaswami Ayyar, draws attention to three goddesses portraying the innate energy of women thriving through nurture, mindfulness and resilience. The music is set to the Carnatic traditional genre by B.V. Balasai (India) and the concept/direction of the dance video is by Jayadev Raju. The dance features Priya Chandran in Bharatanatyam, Sunita Bhatia in Kathak, and Sangeeta Raju in Odissi as three goddesses emphasizing the virtues of women through expressive story telling. The video includes voiceover narration to provide context to the poetry and choreography. Manohar Performing Arts of Canada promotes the rich tradition of Indian poetry and classical arts and provides opportunities to Canadians in dance and theatre. 

Following videography at Shenkman Arts Centre – Richcraft Theatre, the final video is to be commercially published online through social media/arts & culture platforms. 

2021 Recipient

Marie-Claude Sarault

De Confetti Club

Ottawa Citizen Dance Studio, Richcraft Theatre, Upper Lobby, Lower Lobby

Project Outline

De Confetti Club focuses on the creation of a series of digital sketches inspired by multidisciplinary hybridity. Combining interdisciplinary artistic mediums such as theater, dance, humour, song and parody, this new Franco-Ontarian collective hopes to propel original content. Featuring a dynamic, hilarious and engaging trio, the project aims to promote identity and intersectionality within marginalized groups (francophone, bilingual, LGBTQ+, female, artistic, etc).   

2021 Recipient

MDA Productions

Tribute to Buena Vista Social Club

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

Tribute to Buena Vista is a musical project that celebrates the legendary music of Buena Vista Social Club. This tribute to traditional Cuban music is led by Cuban-Canadian pianist Miguel de Armas, featuring Canada’s finest Cuban musicians. 

Andy Rubal – Lead Singer #1; Noderlis Valdés – Lead Singer #2; Alex Bellegarde – Contrabass; Delfin Marsal –Trumpet; Carlos Alberto Carralero –Cuban Tres; Adrian Perez –Acoustic guitar & vocals; Michel Medrano –drums; Diomer Gonzalez –Congas & vocals; Miguel de Armas Jr. –keyboards; Miguel de Armas –Piano, musical arrangements and bandleader 

This project will present two shows on one day –Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 6 pm and 8:30 pm at the Richcraft Theatre Studio. The show is 75 minutes long and will have limited live audience on the Studio theater. The project will be recorded and will be streamed on YouTube on Saturday October 16, 2021 at 7pm as part of the celebrations of the Hispanic Heritage month. 

2021 Recipient

No Borders Art Festival

LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space & Agora Minto-Orléans Outdoor Plaza

Project Outline

No Borders Art Festival (NBAF) is an annual art festival that this year will run in the Lalande + Doyle Exhibition Space and Agora Minto-Orléans Outdoor Plaza and provide opportunities to typically under-represented communities, individuals and groups. The festival brings together diverse artists and performers in a program that honours the Algonquin territory with Elder talks and Indigenous presentations. The program includes an art exhibition of paintings, sculptures, jewelry and clothing; artist talks; musical, dance, and poetry performances; film screenings, presentations by individuals and cultural groups, conversations and participatory activities such as beading and drumming circles and maker workshops.   

2021 Recipient

Allan André, An Nguyen and Monique Fuller

See Me Now 2021

Pop-up exhibition at Shenkman Art Centre & virtually online

Project Outline

The Ottawa Black Art Kollective (OBAK) and local visual artist An Nguyen are collaborating to create an exhibition of local artists from the Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) community. 

Given the current political landscape, the theme See Me Now, explores the subject of visibility and invisibility from underrepresented perspectives. Alongside the global pandemic, racism has been an additional challenge for many communities. This exhibition will showcase the artwork of various BIPOC narratives in the hopes of building authentic dialogue about shared experiences, highlighting some of the unique talents that come from these vibrant multicultural communities.  

The exhibition will be available to audiences as a pop-up exhibition at Shenkman Art Centre in October 2021 and virtually online. Exhibiting art plays a critical role in these communities because it allows artists to engage audiences and serves as a forum where ideas can be exchanged, discussed, and challenged within the public sphere. 

As an extension of this exhibition, artists will benefit from a series of workshops to improve their artistic practice and learn how to use media and video in creative ways to promote their work. This show is an opportunity for leaders from underrepresented communities to challenge stereotypes linked to their identities and to support dialogue by engaging the audience on how we, as a community, can better view and understand each other. Shifting the narrative and seeding new stories through contemporary art is the goal of See Me Now 2021.

2021 Recipient

Ottawa Chamberfest

Sensory-Friendly Concerts at Ottawa Chamberfest

Harold Shenkman Hall

Project Outline

At Ottawa Chamberfest’s Sensory-Friendly Concerts, artists have been creating welcoming concerts for children and people with sensory sensitivities, on the autism spectrum, or with other considerations for five years.   

Stretch breaks, visual aids, storytelling, and movable seating promote a creative and safe space for families with differing needs to have fun with music. Participating artists have included the Cecilia String Quartet, VC2 Cello Duo, Stephen Prutsman, and Ensemble Made In Canada.

For the past year, Chamberfest has been adapting the concerts to the live video format in order to continue providing this valuable resource to individuals with sensory sensitivities and their families within the restrictions of this pandemic climate.  

2021 Recipient

Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre

An Elderly Lady is Up To No Good

Ottawa Citizen Dance Studio

Project Outline

This project will be phase two of a workshop of An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good, a show for adult and senior audiences, a 60-minute live action/video/shadow puppet play, based on five satirical stories by Swedish author Helene Tursten, about an 88-year-old woman who pretends to be vague and helpless but is really a cold-hearted killer. 

2021 Recipient

Samyuktha Punthambekar

Challenging Common Sense

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

As a first-generation South Asian, and being part of the ‘Canadian’ system, this project begins from a very personal and emotional space of my own journey and lived experiences. What I have gone through forms the basis of the context, shapes my personality and thus Challenging Common Sense (CCS). This broader perspective is about notions of the various taken-for-granted and so-called “common sense” or normative aspects of our lives that we continually negotiate with. In this project through the Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam, I address certain patterns of inequalities we face as individuals living in Canada. This means that each individual’s experience of living in Canada takes on different, yet related flavours (Rasa). I begin by sharing deep, personal stories, my own individual narratives of a first generation immigrant, and as someone who made the decision to move to Canada from India as an adult in her mid 20s. Investigating with my own individual narratives such as ‘North American’ terminologies or basic language gaps such as Diverse, Inclusion, Multiculturalism, Experience, Academic deception etc. are we being measurable and specific? along with intertwining them through various themes with Bharatanatyam vocabulary. In CCS, I challenge taken-for-granted ideas of what it means to live in Canada, and what it means to be ‘Canadian’. As part of the narrative in the development phase, I will be using Bharatanatyam movement vocabulary, Indian classical music infused with my own lived experiences.

2021 Recipient

Tessellate Collective


Richcraft Theatre, Agora Minto-Orléans Outdoor Plaza, Lower Lobby

Project Outline

Breath is a multimedia immersive art installation that will use both portraiture and projection mapping through storytelling to honour and celebrate the humanity of Black and Indigenous womxn, while reminding our community in Ottawa about our collective right to live fully as human beings with equal access, to the right conditions to do so. Breath will intersect art and technology to address current societal problems affecting the womxn to be featured, and seek answers to some fundamental questions like: who are we, why are we here and where are we going as humanity?  

2021 Recipient

The Multicultural Artists’ Coalition

Women+ Art Festival: Immigrant, Refugee, Indigenous and Racialized

LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space & Harold Shenkman Hall

Project Outline

In its second year, the Women+Art Festival will celebrate and visualize immigrant, refugee, Indigenous, and racialized women artists living in National Capital Region.

This in-person and online Festival will frame a 2-week art exhibition and an evening of music, dance, and storytelling performances. The performances will be streamed on Zoom from the Harold Shenkman Hall, and the Art Exhibition will be installed LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space.   

2021 Recipient

The Eagle and Condor Collective

The Circle of Diverse Indigeneity

Richcraft Theatre

Project Outline

The Circle of Diverse Indigeneity seeks to generate new connectedness amongst performers and artists of diverse Indigenous nations of the Americas. This event will include four performing artist acts matched with four visual artists. Each act and each artist will be on stage at Richcraft Theater together. The artists will live create while the performers perform. This entire event will be televised via our youtube channel and will demonstrate how diverse the Indigenous community in this region is. The artwork will be presented digitally via the Eagle and Condor Collective website. This event reinforces our commitment to building bridges of understanding between our collective members, persons of the Indigenous community and both settlers and newcomers in the National Capital region. All of the performers present original compositions and all of the artists will interact with the musical works while generating new large works viewable by the virtual audience. Our collective is also committed to sustainable artistic practise so only eco-friendly paints, varnishes, and upcycled surfaces will be used. We are excited by creating a first event that clearly demonstrates we can be unified as Indigenous people while honouring each others’ voices. This is to counteract a trend in mainstream media to question who are legitimate voices for Indigeneity within the arts professions. This gatekeeping has harmed the professional lives of committed Indigenous arts persons. We hope to create a positive affirmation that we are diverse, we have unique perspectives and we are all relations. MsitNo’kmaw Kakina ni dodem.

Past Recipients

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A total of $160,000 in funding was awarded to 17 grant projects.


A total of $24 525 in funding was awarded to 13 grant projects.


A total of $15,195 in funding was awarded to 12 grant projects.


A total of $16,255 in funding was awarded to 11 grant projects.


A total of $23,552 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $20,975 in funding was awarded to 10 grant projects.


A total of $18,750 in funding was awarded to 14 grant projects.


A total of $15,000 in funding was awarded to 8 grant projects.


A total of $26,250 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $24,450 in funding was awarded to 14 grant projects.


A total of $17,405 in funding was awarded to 13 grant projects.

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