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2023 Schedule

2023 Recipients

Aaron & Liana
Jon Stuart
Ash Ravens
China Doll
Indigenous Roots Orleans

The Fund

The Articipate Endowment Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with the City of Ottawa to support artistic programming in professional spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  Arts Network Ottawa is the steward of the Fund and is responsible for its promotion, administration.

Each year, the interest earned on the Articipate Endowment Fund is distributed in the form of grants to Resident Arts Partners (Arts Network Ottawa, Gloucester Pottery School, MIFO, Ottawa School of Art – Orléans Campus and Ottawa School of Theatre), and as Articipate Project Grants to local artists and arts organizations that will present or exhibit their work in professional spaces at the Centre.

Project Grant recipients use funding toward rehearsal and production costs, to enhance their creative team, to create original work or to support promotional efforts. Project Grants are determined through a jury process.

The Articipate Endowment Fund is made possible through the generosity of the Province of Ontario, foundations, local businesses and individuals whom we thank for their leadership and gratefully acknowledge on our Donor Wall.

Established in
Given to artists
Projects Funded

Objectives of the Fund


The presentation and exhibition of high quality artistic work at the Shenkman Arts Centre


Collaborative projects involving more than one artist and/or arts organization 


In local Ottawa artists and arts organizations of all levels and disciplines


English, French and bilingual artistic activities at the Centre


Access to Shenkman Arts Centre spaces to non-resident artists and arts organizations


Activities of the Resident Arts Partners of the Shenkman Arts Centre*

Resident Art Partners

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2023 Recipient

Aaron Daniels Casey & Liana Miles


Lalonde + Doyle Gallery

Project Outline

In “Inscriptions” mixed media artists Liana Miles and Aaron Daniels Casey combine their past bodies of work “Weaving of Fables” and “The Discovery Series” into a new collaborative venture, in which the words of lost folktales run amok within scenes of paint and pyrography. By this, the artists allow viewers the ability to connect and spin new tales of their own.

The three large scale works present new tales contextualized by words taken from folktale collections. The stories are laid out in random watercolor inkblots by Liana. The shapes are then used by Aaron to prompt wood burning illustrations. After that, the duo uses a process of chance to choose random words from literary collections which form the poetic passages that can be found on each wooden panel and function as titles.

2023 Recipient


Project Navarūpa

Events and Performances

Project Outline

“Project Navarūpa celebrates the divine feminine through an all-female collaborative dance showcase in Ottawa. This event, led by immigrant women of colour, shines a vibrant spotlight on four primary South Asian dance forms: Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, and Mohiniyattam. The gifted South Asian female artists will enchant the audience with the nine beautiful forms of the mother goddess. Each manifestation represents a unique facet of the mother goddess’s divine essence, from the daughter of the mountain to the Goddess of supernatural power. This showcase will transport the spectators into the sacred realm of Navratri’s nine nights through dance and music.”

2023 Recipient


Discontinuous, Heterogeneous, and Pluriversal

Lalonde + Doyle Gallery

Project Outline

Discontinuous, Heterogeneous, and Pluriversal is a visual arts exhibition curated by Alejandro Salgado Cendales and organized by the Multicultural Artists’ Coalition (MAC-CAM) that invites the viewer to reflect on contemporary social, political and cultural issues through the prism of immigrant and first-generation-Canadian artists.

Sarah-Mecca Abourahman, a Somali-Indian and first-generation Canadian artist, explores themes of identity, family, and land occupation inspired by her heritage through her visual artwork. She informs her artistic practice through the tradition of oral storytelling, shining light on impactful moments in her familial and community’s history. Abdourahman’s work takes on a decolonial approach, using her practice to reconnect with her homeland from a first-generation Canadian perspective.

Iryna Merkulova is a Ukrainian artist living in Canada. Through her painting of seemingly ordinary everyday objects, she reflects on deeper issues regarding the place of women in contemporary society, consumerism, sustainability and urban life. Her visual narratives straddle between personal and interpersonal experiences and memories, challenging and comforting the viewer through distant togetherness.

2023 Recipient

Jon Stuart


LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

Project Outline

“Stillwater is a selection of fine art photographic prints depicting the rehabilitation of a wetland area within the National Capital Greenbelt. Alongside the photographs will be interpretive text written in consultation with the National Capital Commission and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. The images are presented as a mystery tale, illustrating the subtle departures from a ‘normal’ Ontario landscape that can be observed through a close reading of the land. Together with the interpretive text, viewers will be able to reperceive the apparently banal land surrounding them on a day-to-day basis”

2023 Recipient

Indigenous Roots Orleans/Ottawa East

Nibi Indigenous Arts Family Festival

Events and Performances

Project Outline

The exhibition “In Her Hands” is a tribute to women and the multiple and essential roles they play in building a world that is generous, loving and full of hope. Through the universal symbol of the hand, sixty paintings highlight women of all ages, gender identities, cultures and abilities. 

In Her Hands sheds light on the daily lives of women and the rich array of activities they engage in, highlighting gestures that are sometimes professional, trivial, repetitive, affectionate, automatic, intimate, distracted and precise. The observer will be attracted by the unique and universal character of each gesture and will find, through the large number of stories told in these paintings, deep and benevolent personal experiences. Perhaps we may come to the realization that we take our hands for granted even though they are central to our life experience.

This exhibition is also a reflection on the critical sense of touch, of which we have been made fully aware of the importance during the last years of social distancing. The more impossible touch is, the more we want it and appreciate how vital it is to our being. In a culture increasingly dependent on digital technologies, this exhibition reminds us of the importance of touch and tactile communication that are so essential to our physical and mental health.

2023 Recipient

China Doll

Kids Karaoke with China Doll

Events and Performances

Project Outline

Come and celebrate the community with Kids Karaoke and China Doll! Singing is universal and fundamental to learning and playing. As a Drag Performer, born and raised in Ottawa, China Doll has hosted countless community events, from festivals, workshops, art exhibitions and artist talks. 

Kids Karaoke with China Doll will be a family friendly sing along karaoke with guest performers. Join China Doll in the Harold Shenkman Hall at the Shenkman Arts Centre

2023 Recipient

Ash Ravens

Ash Ravens “Worlds Collide” Album Launch

Creation and Development

Project Outline

“Bangladesh born, globe trotting singer-songwriter and instrumental guitarist Ash Ravens’ 2nd album is ready to be shared with music lovers all around the world. Ravens has made Ottawa his home since 2021 and is already making waves in the music community with his unique sound. Containing songs in his native language Bengali, English, and soulful guitar instrumentals, the album will be launched in Ottawa at the Shenkman Arts Center via a Live concert where the Ash Ravens Band will be playing songs from the album as well as from his past releases.”

2023 Recipient


Pointe: The Journey of a Black Ballerino

Creation and Development

Project Outline

The world of ballet has long been criticized for its lack of representation of Black ballerinos and with very few opportunities for people of colour to pursue a career in ballet. “Pointe: The Journey of a Black Ballerino” is a short film and photo project that aims to portray the resilience, persistence, and courage of a Black boy with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer as he navigates this dream in a historically White-dominated art form. With this project, I aim to shed light on the challenges of being a Black dancer in this space, providing audiences with an intimate look at the life of this Black ballerino as he reaches this spotlight in the ballet world. It will showcase his beginnings, training, rehearsals, and performances, capturing his struggles, triumphs, and obstacles. Despite the many challenges that Black dancers in this space face, Black ballerinos have continued to push boundaries and make their mark in the world of dance and audiences of this project will gain a deeper understanding of their journey and how these dancers made the world their stage.”

Past recipients


A total of $20,750 in funding was awarded to 7 grant projects.


A total of $23,552 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $20,975 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $18,750 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $15,000 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $29,500 in funding was awarded to 8 grant projects.


A total of $26,250 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $24,450 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $17,405 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $160,000 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $24,525 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $15,195 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $16,255 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.

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