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2022 Schedule

2022 recipients

Carole Ince
Henry Fernando
Wise Atangana
Cranium Arts Program
Lia Kloud
Ana & Yekta
Velvet Wells
Rachel Kalpana James

The Fund

The Articipate Endowment Fund was established in 2007 by Arts Network Ottawa in partnership with the City of Ottawa to support artistic programming in professional spaces at the Shenkman Arts Centre.  Arts Network Ottawa is the steward of the Fund and is responsible for its promotion, administration.

Each year, the interest earned on the Articipate Endowment Fund is distributed in the form of grants to Resident Arts Partners (Arts Network Ottawa, Gloucester Pottery School, MIFO, Ottawa School of Art – Orléans Campus and Ottawa School of Theatre), and as Articipate Project Grants to local artists and arts organizations that will present or exhibit their work in professional spaces at the Centre.

Project Grant recipients use funding toward rehearsal and production costs, to enhance their creative team, to create original work or to support promotional efforts. Project Grants are determined through a jury process.

The Articipate Endowment Fund is made possible through the generosity of the Province of Ontario, foundations, local businesses and individuals whom we thank for their leadership and gratefully acknowledge on our Donor Wall.

Established in
Given to artists
Projects Funded

Objectives of the Fund


The presentation and exhibition of high quality artistic work at the Shenkman Arts Centre


Collaborative projects involving more than one artist and/or arts organization 


In local Ottawa artists and arts organizations of all levels and disciplines


English, French and bilingual artistic activities at the Centre


Access to Shenkman Arts Centre spaces to non-resident artists and arts organizations


Activities of the Resident Arts Partners of the Shenkman Arts Centre*

Resident Art Partners

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2022 Recipient

Rachel Kalpana James


Events and Performances

Project Outline

A durational, ritualistic haircut – until all the hair is cut! 

Indian women’s hair is highly valued as touted by, which “provides…hair culled directly from donors in East Indian Temples.” The work addresses notions of capitalism and philanthropy, and invites the public to sacrifice a lock of their hair for someone else’s beauty.

Created and performed by Rachel Kalpana James, with Svetlana Swinimer. 

2022 Recipient

Wise Atangana

Messimba Tour, for diversity and inclusion

Events and Performances

Project Outline

This project consists of the creation of an acoustic bilingual musical and slam poetry show, inspired by his new album “Messimba”. The show will be accompanied by a workshop on reflection and participative poetry writing. To create a conversation, which will help the public present reflect deeply on values conveyed by “diversity, equity, inclusion and systemic discrimination”.

2022 Recipient

Cranium Arts Program

Cranium Ottawa Rising Concert

Events and Performances

Project Outline

The Cranium Ottawa Rising Concert will bring together Ottawa’s outstanding young talent in the genres of Hip-hop and R&B music to present an exciting evening of live music. In addition to the live music experience the Cranium Arts Project will bring their Pop-Up Photography installation curated by Ottawa-Gatineau photographer David Pistol. Similar to the Concert, the photography exhibit will celebrate some of the National Capital region’s outstanding talent, in this case through the lens captured in still imagery.

2022 Recipient

Henry Fernando

Carvaggio on the Street

LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

Project Outline

“My project is inspired by the works of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, whose paintings combine a true-to-life observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting. This is an ongoing series of portraits of individuals who I photographed on the streets during my travels. They are the faces of ordinary people going about their daily routine, briefly interrupted to pose for a portrait. Only a moment of connection with my subjects allowed me to capture their essence, and through their eyes, a peek of their inner soul. Although they are from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, each of the individuals portrayed share a uniquely mortal connection with each other, a common thread of life lived, and a universal kinship of the spiritual soul.

Rooted in my contemplative approach to photography, I try to see each individual just as they are, neither beautiful, nor ugly, but as they are meant to be. Through clouded eyes, and deep lines on their weathered faces, they tell a story of common human experiences – hardship, contentment, delight, and sadness.”

2022 Recipient

Carole Ince

In Her Hands

LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

Project Outline

The exhibition “In Her Hands” is a tribute to women and the multiple and essential roles they play in building a world that is generous, loving and full of hope. Through the universal symbol of the hand, sixty paintings highlight women of all ages, gender identities, cultures and abilities. 

In Her Hands sheds light on the daily lives of women and the rich array of activities they engage in, highlighting gestures that are sometimes professional, trivial, repetitive, affectionate, automatic, intimate, distracted and precise. The observer will be attracted by the unique and universal character of each gesture and will find, through the large number of stories told in these paintings, deep and benevolent personal experiences. Perhaps we may come to the realization that we take our hands for granted even though they are central to our life experience.

This exhibition is also a reflection on the critical sense of touch, of which we have been made fully aware of the importance during the last years of social distancing. The more impossible touch is, the more we want it and appreciate how vital it is to our being. In a culture increasingly dependent on digital technologies, this exhibition reminds us of the importance of touch and tactile communication that are so essential to our physical and mental health.

2022 Recipient

Ana Rosa Martinez S. and Yekta Centikaya


LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

Project Outline

Cross-Paths aims to dissect national and personal themes of identity by bringing together a selection of works by first and second-generation immigrant artists as well as Canadian artists who address the theme from various points of view, approaches, and aesthetic languages. This exhibition seeks to generate ideas and encourage dialogue around notions of kinship, identity, and ownership in the current context of globalization and mass migration

2022 Recipient

Lia Kloud


Creation and Development

Project Outline

This project will be a 2 in 1 music video “Wish Them Well x Be Still” performed by Lia Kloud where the message being spread highlights the importance of remaining faithful through trials and tribulations, and how to navigate through hardships by keeping a positive mindset and outlook on life.

2022 Recipient

Velvet Duke productions

Your Compliments are my Curse Words

Creation and Development

Project Outline

Velvet Wells (they/he) explores seven hyperbolic “compliments”; emphatic air quotes intended. As a musical comedian from multiple marginalized communities, Velvet will explore how societal and personal history makes it difficult to accept the charged words and phrases at face value.

Past recipients


A total of $29,500 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $26,250 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $24,450 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $17,405 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $160,000 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $24,525 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $15,195 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $16,255 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $23,552 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $20,975 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $18,750 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.


A total of $15,000 in funding was awarded to 16 grant projects.

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