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Tara Luz Danse, “Step into the Studio”

Tara Luz Danse ©Jeremy Mimnagh
Tara Luz Danse ©Jeremy Mimnagh

Contemporary dance company Tara Luz Danse opens the doors to its rehearsal studio and invites you to explore their creative and imaginative universe at the “Step into the Studio” events. Members of the public are invited to discover contemporary dance and the company’s work by attending a performance of a short excerpt from their repertoire. Participants of all ages are invited to learn a little more about the creative process, while enjoying the pleasure of moving with the artists of the company.

In 2019-20 Tara Luz Danse will present two participatory events in the Shenkman Arts Centre, where the audience will first assist a short excerpt of an upcoming performance by the company, then join the artists to move with them and explore concepts related to choreographic work. “Step into the Studio” gives the opportunity for the public to meet artists and experience with them an original and stimulating practice in movement. The dates for the 2019-2020 artistic season are September 28, 2019, to celebrate Culture Day, and February 16, 2020 to celebrate Family Day.

Since 2011, the community has benefitted from the “Step into the Studio” events that allow children and their parents to participate in artists’ “behind the scenes” work and get a glimpse of what it takes to bring a production to life. With this project, the company is looking forward to deepening its relationship with the public by giving it a live taste of its work in contemporary dance in the intimate and friendly space of the Shenkman Arts Centre’s Dance Studio.

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