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Articipate Project Grant Guidelines 2019

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To enhance artistic activity at the Shenkman Arts Centre by supporting high quality artistic activities of all disciplines through grants awarded to local artists and arts organizations that will be presenting or exhibiting their work in the Centre.


The Articipate Project Grant supports:

  • Presentation and exhibition of high-quality artistic work in the Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Local artists and arts organizations of all levels and disciplines
  • Access to Shenkman Arts Centre spaces to non-resident artists and arts organizations
  • English, French and bilingual artistic activities in the Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Collaborative projects involving more than one artist and/or arts organization.

About the Fund

Articipate Project Grants are made possible by the annual interest income generated from the Articipate Endowment Fund. Founded by Arts Network Ottawa in 2007, Arts Network Ottawa annually manages the ongoing fundraising for the Fund and the annual distribution of the Articipate grant program. The Articipate Endowment Fund has grown through generous donations from private foundations, the province of Ontario, individuals, local groups and businesses. All funds raised are deposited into the Articipate Endowment Fund. For more information about the Articipate Endowment Fund, Arts Network Ottawa or the Shenkman Arts Centre, please visit the Articipate website, the Arts Network Ottawa website, or the Shenkman Arts Centre website.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be based in the Ottawa Region and have a mandate to present artistic programming or have an artistic practice. Applicants must be able to demonstrate fiscal and organizational responsibility. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Membership and Program Coordinator before applying to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Applicants must be one or more of the following:

  • An incorporated, not-for-profit arts organization
  • A non-incorporated arts collective*, with an active steering committee**
  • An emerging or established professional artist

Only one application form is required for collaborative projects. If the application is successful, the applicant who submitted the application will be responsible for the grant. All collaborators must meet eligibility requirements.

*Arts Collective – a group of two or more professional artists who are active in their discipline.

**Steering Committee – the core group of stakeholders who oversee and monitor all aspects of the project and/or activities within an art collective.

Ineligible Applicants

Ineligible Applicants Include:

  • Artists and/or arts organizations whose reports for previous Articipate Grants are overdue or incomplete
  • Non-arts organizations (organizations whose primary mandate is not arts related)
  • For-profit organizations and businesses
  • Religious organizations
  • Political parties
  • Government bodies or crown corporations

Eligible Projects

Funding is awarded for the presentation and exhibition of high-quality artistic work in the Shenkman Arts Centre by local artists and arts organizations based in the Ottawa Region. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Membership and Program Coordinator before applying to determine if their project meets the eligibility criteria.

This grant is for artistic projects at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Projects are to be carried out within a specific timeframe and consist of either a single activity or a series of activities that are intended to take place only once. This grant does not include operating or ongoing expenses.

Eligible projects must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Be artistic in nature
  • Meet high standards of artistic quality
  • Enhance artistic programming and activities at the Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Take place at the Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Be open to the general public

Collaborative Projects – Applicants may apply for projects involving a collaboration of more than one artist, arts organization and/or discipline. Priority is given to original works and/or performances.

LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

Visual artists and visual arts groups can apply through this grant to exhibit in the LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space in the Centre. Successful grant applicants will exhibit their work in the LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space during January and/or February 2020 as scheduled by Arts Network Ottawa and the Shenkman Arts Centre Programmer.

Visual arts projects in other spaces in the Centre are still eligible to apply (i.e. projects in the Trinity Art Gallery through the Community Galleries Program). For more information about accessing space at the Shenkman Arts Centre, please visit

Ineligible Projects

Ineligible Projects Include:

  • Projects that have previously received an Articipate grant (applicants who have previously received an Articipate grant are eligible to apply for new projects, provided they meet applicant eligibility criteria)
  • Fundraising projects or initiatives
  • Non-arts events and activities
  • For-profit ventures
  • Art, artisan and craft commercial sales
  • Projects that are created primarily for commercial purposes
  • Competitions
  • Professional training or development
  • Recitals, final performances or final exhibitions of students from private or public schools
  • Projects that have been completed on or before the application deadline date
  • Projects that will not be presented/open to the public
  • Capital projects or purchases (i.e., purchase of land, equipment, facilities, etc.)
  • Projects where participation is conditional upon partaking in the religious activities of the organization
  • Projects submitted by managers or agents applying on behalf of an artist, ensemble, group or band
  • Artist-in-residence programs, where an artist is invited by an arts organization or institution to work, teach or mentor for a specific period
  • Projects that are part of the programming or operations of the Resident Arts Partners of the Shenkman Arts Centre (Arts Network Ottawa, Gloucester Pottery School, le Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO), Ottawa School of Art, and Ottawa School of Theatre)

Eligible Expenses

A full list of eligible and ineligible expenses can be found in the Application Budget form. Only expenses directly related to the project are eligible.

Funding Categories




To a maximum of $2,500


Incorporated, not-for-profit arts organization.

Non-incorporated arts collective with an active steering committee

Individual Artists

To a maximum of $1,250

An established artist at the mid-career or later stages of their professional artistic career. He or she has produced a solid body of work, achieved a significant degree of peer recognition and professional public exposure.

Individual Artists

To a maximum of $1,000

An emerging artist in the early stages of a professional career having dedicated a minimum of two years to a professional artistic practice, after completing basic training or an apprenticeship. He or she has produced a reasonable body of work to date and has had a fair degree of professional public exposure.

Award amounts are determined by availability of funds and the quantity and quality of applications that meet the eligibility criteria. Articipate Project Grants must not exceed 50% of the total project budget as outlined in the applicant’s grant application.

Application Requirements

Application Form

All applicants must complete an Articipate Project Grant application online form, answer all the questions and attach all required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants may be contacted during the evaluation process to provide clarity on specific portions of their application forms.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 5 p.m., May 31, 2019.

Applications must be complete before they are submitted. We do not accept applications by fax, e-mail, or mail. Late applications will not be accepted.


Reporting forms are available on the Articipate website and must be fully completed. Successful applicants are encouraged to review the report forms at the beginning of the project to ensure that they are prepared to collect and report on all required components.

Support Material

Along with a written application, applicants are to submit support material that will be reviewed by the evaluators. Effective support material plays an important role in the assessment of applications. Support material gives the evaluators an indication of the artistic merit of the applicant’s work and provides documentation of their past and proposed activities. It is important that all materials are labelled with the applicant’s name and a description of the contents.

Applicants are encouraged to test all materials to ensure readability. The applicant agrees that the evaluators and Arts Network Ottawa staff are not responsible for the loss or damage, however caused, of applications and/or support materials.

Details on how to submit support material and what support material is accepted can be found in the application form.

Application Assessment

Assessment Criteria

The criteria used in the assessment process are the artistic merit of the project, viability of the project and impact of the project on the community. Both the application form and support material will be evaluated. Priority is given to projects meeting the funding objectives of the Articipate Project Grant.

1. Artistic Merit of the Project

  • High standards in artistic excellence
  • Clear vision that reflects the applicant’s mandate and/or artistic practice

2. Project Viability

  • Effective budgeting, including balanced revenue streams (i.e. distribution of earned, private, government revenues) and appropriate expense breakdown
  • Appropriate and effective marketing and promotion
  • Appropriate content expertise and resources allocated to project delivery, including qualified project leadership
  • Successful track record of achievement in project delivery

3. Impact of the Project

  • Clear evidence of the benefit of the project to the Shenkman Arts Centre

Assessment Principles

Applicants to the Articipate Project Grant will be assessed by a jury. Jury members are selected based on their knowledge and awareness of a broad range of artistic activity. The jury composition will ensure a balance of diversity and artistic specialization and a fair representation of official languages.

Jury review is based on consensus and collective decision-making. The jury and an Arts Network Ottawa staff designate (as Steward of the Fund) have the right to define any and all terms as they relate to project and applicant eligibility and the right to determine if applicants and projects adequately meet eligibility standards.

To minimize conflict of interest between jurors and applicants, jury members are asked to declare any conflict(s) of interest. If a conflict has been declared, the juror then abstains from any discussion related to the application in question.

Jurors are required to treat the contents of applications, comments, discussions and the deliberations of the jury as confidential. The names of jurors will be made public once the deliberations have concluded.

Evaluation Process

Individual jury members will first review the applications independently. Jurors meet to review support material and discuss the applications. The Program Manager for Arts Network Ottawa chairs this jury deliberation to ensure that a fair assessment process is followed; they do not offer opinions about the applications. The jury will assess the applications based on pre-determined criteria. The assessment criteria can be found on this website. The jury ranks each application based on the assessment criteria. Funding is then awarded based on the application’s status (ranking order) and the availability of funds.

The evaluation process takes a minimum of two months from the grant application deadline date. Applicants will receive notification if their application has or has not been awarded funding.

Allocation of Funding

An applicant’s success in obtaining funding depends upon the jury’s final evaluation and the funding available within the program. All funding is subject to the availability of funds. The number of applicants who receive grants is determined by several factors, including the number of requests received, the jury’s final assessment decisions and the funding budget identified in that given year. All results are final. There is no appeal of the jury’s decision regarding the merit of your activities or the recommendation of an award amount.

Release of Funds

Successful applicants receive a letter from the Articipate Endowment Fund declaring the award amount. Funds are disbursed to successful applicants as per the conditions outlined in the Terms and Conditions document.

If You are Not Awarded Funding

Applicants will receive a letter to indicate that they have not received funding. Applicants are encouraged to reapply at the next deadline. The program’s limited funds are not sufficient to fund all applications, regardless of their merit.


Applicants are encouraged to contact Alex Maltby with any questions they may have regarding the Articipate Project Grant guidelines or their application. Staff can be contacted during
regular office hours, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Alex Maltby, Program Manager

Terms and Conditions

Recipients of an Articipate Project Grant agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined below. The Articipate Endowment Fund and Arts Network Ottawa reserve the right to change or alter the Terms and Conditions. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions may result in the revocation of Articipate Funds and/or the applicant being ineligible for subsequent funding from the Articipate Endowment Fund.

Use of Funds

Funds shall be used only for the purposes outlined in the original Articipate Project Grant application. Changes to the scale and activities, including changes in budget, leadership structure and programming, must be reported in writing to, and receive approval from, Arts Network Ottawa staff.

Unused Funds

Any portion of the funding that is unused and/or was designated for activities that were not executed shall be returned to the Articipate Endowment Fund.

Repayment of the Funds

The recipient shall, at the request of the Articipate Endowment Fund, repay to the Articipate Endowment Fund the whole or any portion of the funding if the Recipient:

  • Ceases operation, is wound up or dissolved
  • Experiences a change in its purpose or objectives (for example, from not-for-profit to for-profit entity), without prior written approval of the Articipate Endowment Fund
  • Has knowingly provided false information in the application or any attachments
  • Breaches any of the terms and conditions of the Articipate Project Grant


The recipient is required to keep and maintain records, invoices and other documents that relate to the manner in which the Articipate Project Funds were used. These records must be maintained for a minimum of three years. The recipient authorizes the Articipate Endowment Fund and its agents to request, access, inspect and copy these records.


All successful applicants are required to submit a report form detailing how they used the funding awarded to them. Successful applicants must submit high resolution images of their activities for use in future Articipate publications, reporting and promotion. This report must be submitted either following completion of funded activities, 12 months after receipt of the funds, or at the time of subsequent application to the Articipate Endowment Fund program, whichever is soonest.

Acknowledgement of Financial Support

The recipient is required to publicly acknowledge the support of the Articipate Endowment Fund as per the ‘Acknowledgement of Financial Support’ document.